Community Update – July 31

Community Update: July 31, 2020

Dear community members:

On Wednesday, Governor Hogan announced a pause on further reopening plans for Maryland, triggered by a recent increase in COVID-19 related hospitalizations. Here are the main takeaways from his press conference, along with some news items for Cedar Lane.

Expanded Masking Order for Maryland

Governor Hogan is expanding the statewide masking order that has been in effect since April 18. Under this order, which takes effect Friday, July 31 at 5:00 p.m., all Marylanders over the age of five are required to wear face coverings in the public spaces of all businesses across the state. Face coverings will also be required in outdoor public areas, whenever it is not possible to maintain physical distancing. The Governor says that wearing a mask is the single best mitigation strategy we have to fight the virus. 

Out-of-State Travel Health Advisory

Marylanders are strongly advised against traveling to states with COVID-19 positivity rates of 10% or higher. Anyone traveling from these states should get tested and self-quarantine for 14 days.  This public health advisory — which takes effect immediately — applies to personal, family, or business travel of any kind. Marylanders are advised to postpone or cancel travel to these areas until their positivity rates decline. As of today, this advisory applies to Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Idaho. 

Higher-Risk Activities:

Through contact tracing, Maryland has confirmed the top three sources of virus spread — family gatherings, house parties and outdoor events.  These are now considered higher-risk activities and should be avoided.

COVID-19 Status on Our Campus:

There are still no known cases of COVID-19 at Cedar Lane Senior Living Community.

Moratorium for evections has expired

In March, the Federal Government passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which temporarily banned evictions and late fees for renters. The protections covered in the Act expired last Friday, July 24, 2020. Property owners are required to provide renters with a 30-day notice to vacate before they can be evicted.

Quick Visual Apartment Inspections

Cedar Lane will be reinstituting regular apartment inspections beginning this August. In the interim, Facilities Director Calvin Boozer will be coming around to make a quick visual inspection of every apartment to determine condition and any necessary repairs, starting with the first floor of the Church Building. If you are not home when Calvin knocks on your door, he will come back later to complete the visual inspection.  Please continue to report all maintenance issues to the front desk.

Hot Weather Trash Tips

Summer and seafood go hand-in-hand, especially here in Maryland. But fish scraps, crab and clam shells can get very smell, very fast. After you’ve enjoyed a seafood feast, please be considerate of your neighbors’ noses and you take your bagged trash directly to the dumpster outside, rather than the trash rooms.

It’s Doggone Hot Outside – Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Many pet parents don’t realize that during the summer months, hot pavement, asphalt, and dark or metal surfaces can very quickly become scorching hot – too hot for paws. Every summer, veterinarians treat dogs with serious, painful burns to their paw pads after a well-meaning parent took their dog for a walk without checking the temperature of the surface below. One quick, easy way to tell if the ground is too hot for your pup’s paws is to remember the “3-Second Rule.” Before walking your dog, place the back of your hand on the ground and hold it there for 3-seconds. If the heat is unbearable, please find another place to walk, outfit your pup with a pair of booties, or reschedule your walk for another time when the ground isn’t so hot. Walking in shaded, grassy areas is always best.

Of course you should never leave your dog in a car, no matter how quick you think your errand may be. Even with the windows cracked, a car’s interior can climb to more than 100 degrees in 10 minutes on an 85-degree day. And don’t forget, it’s important for both you and your dog to drink plenty of water on these hot, hazy, humid days of summer.

I hope you all have wonderful weekend and a happy start to August.


Beverly Stickles

President & CEO