Community Update – June 19

Community Update: June 19, 2020

Dear residents, families, staff, caregivers and friends:

Early this week, Cedar Lane Senior Living Community was fortunate to benefit from no-cost universal testing for the COVID-19 virus conducted by the St. Mary’s County Health Department (SMCHD). The test was made available to residents, staff and live-in caregivers. I am pleased to report that more than 90% of our community’s population took advantage of this free testing. Thank you to everyone who participated – we appreciate and commend your concern for your own health and that of our community. If you were tested, you will receive a phone call from the SMCHD not Cedar Lane; results are expected by 5:00 p.m. today.  If you have not received your test results by 5:00 p.m. or if you want a written copy of your test results, please call the front desk and we will contact the SMCHD on your behalf. Obtaining the results of the universal COVID-19 testing will provide valuable insight as to the current health status of our community.  If warranted, over the next few hours we will be implementing SMCHD directives pertaining to staff and/or residents who test positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Family members – join our board!

Do you have a loved one living at Cedar Lane? Cedar Lane Senior Living Community is looking for people with positivity and a passion for our mission to join our Board of Directors. Why join? Board members make a difference for the residents of Cedar Lane. Our Directors guide our strategic direction and our long-term sustainability. Their leadership helps ensure that our mission, values and our commitment to fair, affordable housing are lived out in our daily work. In the past, residents’ family members have been some of our most effective and productive Board members. If you are interested in learning more, please call Wanda Fenwick at 301-475-8966 ext. 24.

Reminder: facemask maintenance

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention remind us that cloth face masks worn during the coronavirus pandemic should be washed daily after use. It’s best to clean your fabric facemask in a washing machine, but soap and hot water in a sink will work too. The mask should be dried completely. Use a hot dryer if possible. Consider storing your clean, dry mask in a new paper bag to keep it safe from germs.

St. Mary’s County reaches 2020 Census response benchmark

In their meeting on Tuesday, the County Commissioners announced that St. Mary’s County 2020 Census response rates have already exceeded the final response rate for 2010. Thank you to everyone who has responded! If you have not yet sent in your response, there’s still time. Getting an accurate census count is critically important. That’s why your response is required by law. If you do not respond, the U.S. Census Bureau will follow up to collect your response. Your response will help determine how much political representation and public service funding our county will receive. For information, please visit For assistance with your response, please call Kirk at 301-475-8966 ext. 14.

Free Prescription Drug Disposal Pouches

The Cedar Lane Service Coordinators have an easy way to rid your home of potentially dangerous, expired, unused and unwanted medications. If you have medications you no longer use or want, ask for a free drug disposal pouch. You simply add water and toss it in the trash. All medications are immediately deactivated and destroyed. For your drug disposal pouch, call Kirk at 301-475-8966, extension 14.

Please call – please do not knock

Although Cedar Lane’s offices are temporarily closed to residents due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still want to serve you. Please don’t knock on office doors – Finance, Service Coordination and Facilities – we are trying our best to social distance for everyone’s safety. Instead, call the front desk and ask to be transferred to the staff member or department of your choice to ask a question or make an appointment.

Reminder – Weekly Meal Bags from Department of Aging & Human Services (DOA&HS)

This week we found another full bag of leaking food in the Burch Building laundry room. We understand the intent is to share surplus food with your neighbors, but perishable food that sits out unrefrigerated is unsafe to eat and creates a mess for our staff to clean up. The food is going to waste. Please don’t place food in public areas around Cedar Lane. Anyone may choose to opt out of the DOA&HS meal program by calling the Front Desk.

Things We’re Working On

We are looking forward to a successful reopening, a gradual, careful process ensuring everyone’s safety.  Staff are working with the DOA&HS to resume daily meal delivery and organizing a second fried chicken dinner funded by the Friends of Cedar Lane.  We’ll try a different caterer this time, so get ready for a fried chicken taste showdown.  Our most exciting news is that we are figuring out the safest way to host an outdoor Marathon Bingo Game, once we have clearance to resume resident activities.  Stay tuned for details.

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing every dad, granddad and great granddad out there a happy Father’s Day this Sunday!  Be safe and stay well.


Beverly A. Stickles

President & CEO